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Why do we choose a wooden house

Wood has been used for the longest time since human existence. Archaeological excavations show us that wood was used as the main building material 10,000 years ago. The long Neolithic houses built in the 6000s BC in Europe are an excellent example of this.

These wooden houses, one of the largest buildings of the period, were strong houses with a capacity of 30 people. Since then, the use of wood has developed with the discovery of materials such as bronze and iron, and has not lost its popularity in furniture use. Unfortunately, we cannot say the same in house building. So what has made wood so demanding for millennia? The wooden house is great in terms of energy savings. Wood is a natural insulation tool and is very effective in isolating heat and cold. It traps a much greater amount of energy than stone, brick and concrete houses. In addition to heat protection, it also absorbs moisture in the air and eliminates the risk of dampness. In addition, thanks to its sound absorbing feature, it offers you a warm, comfortable and warm environment. Wooden houses are built quickly, easily and economically. Apart from the energy savings it will offer you in the long term, even its construction will cost you a much lower budget. Wooden houses require less planning and architectural work compared to concrete, brick and stone houses. For this reason, it can be built more easily and with a lower budget in a shorter time. Moreover, it is a light material that takes up less space compared to wood, brick, concrete and stone houses. For this reason, it provides a wider space in a narrower area. It is nature friendly. Wood is a sustainable and recyclable material. Unlike chemical building materials such as cement, wood dissolves rapidly in nature and your carbon footprint becomes one layer thinner. Moreover, wooden houses actively absorb carbon dioxide gas from the atmosphere! Aside from its contribution to nature, you will not drown in your home and continue your life by breathing fresh air in a fragrant environment. And considering all these features, of course, it is much healthier than other houses. As you will be affected by the weather conditions at a minimum level, you will be protected from diseases caused by dampness. You will live a more peaceful life in a noise-free environment.

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