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How Is Wood Painted?

Some of the furniture you have bought very fondly can turn into indispensable living objects for you over time, but it is also the effect of time. Like everything else, the furniture is getting old and doesn't look brand new like the first day. Here is the biggest advantage of wooden furniture.

You can make your wooden furniture look like the first day. With very simple applications!

There are some furniture that screams "let me go" at you because of the fact that they have been used for years and especially because of their appearance! However, there are still some furniture that no matter how much it shouts, it becomes indispensable due to its design and functional features. Especially if it is no longer produced from that design ... In such a case, you do not have to give up your furniture! If it is wood! Wood, which is a natural material, is also preferred with its renewable features. You can renew your favorite wooden furniture so that you will not leave them and protect your economy. Here are some tips for painting wooden furniture ...

Prepare the Environment for Painting Wood!

If you have decided which furniture you want to paint, you should prepare the environment before starting the painting process so that you do not have a tedious cleaning process. Because paint is both easy to smear and hard to clean. If you are going to paint inside your home, you should cover it with nylon or newspaper to prevent contamination. Then you should dust off the wooden furniture you will paint and make the furniture ready for processing.

Sanding Stage

Is sanding required for every wood painting process? Of course not required. But if you want to get the best results and keep your furniture looking brand new, we recommend that you sand. Let us remind you that if the surface of the furniture you are going to paint is shiny, when you paint without sanding, the paint will begin to fall off in a short time. On the other hand, it can be very difficult to work without emery on a previously painted surface or veneer furniture because you may need to paint several layers over and over to hold the paint. If there are roughnesses, holes or paint spills on the surface of your furniture, it is already necessary to sand. In such a case, applying a coat of primer will help you get better results.


You should know that the sanding process is one of the most arduous of the process. At this point, things can get more difficult with furniture that has not undergone any paint or similar treatment. For this type of furniture, you should choose a fine sandpaper. In polished furniture, you may need to use fine sandpaper first, then thick sandpaper. You should be prepared for any situation in terms of materials. Note that the sanding number should decrease depending on the thickness of the polish. When sanding, do not use excessive force and pay attention to the direction of the tree. You should know that the surface should be matted to hold paint, especially on glossy surfaces.

Primer For A Better Result

If you want your furniture to look better, priming is an important method. With this method, you can completely get rid of the paint on the furniture and prevent the new paint from falling. It is useful to underline here immediately; After applying the primer, you need to sand once again with fine sandpaper. After this process, you can start painting your furniture.

Before You Start Painting

We said you can start painting, but this job has the right paint, color and brush or roller selection. In order to get a good result, you must know and apply all the subtleties of the job. First, you need to choose a wood paint suitable for your material. Remember that different surfaces need different densities of paint. If you are going to paint a furniture that you will be in constant contact with, you should choose products with a health certificate.

When choosing your paint materials, the type and width of the surface you will paint are important. You should choose large rolls for large surfaces and small brushes for fine details so that you can carry out your painting process in a more practical way. In our opinion, the most careful step before starting to paint is the color selection. Because there is no return. If you are not satisfied with the color, the result will make you unhappy and maybe you will have to start all over again. For this reason, it is useful to consider the usage area of ​​your furniture and its harmony with the surrounding furniture. Don't forget to choose water-based paints, too. In this way, you can make the surfaces you paint dry much faster.


One of the points to be considered during the painting phase is how much the point paint should be thinned ... Your job can be very difficult with very thick or over-thinned paints and it is not possible to achieve the results you want. The ideal is to always paint twice, but you should make sure that the first coat is thoroughly dry before applying the second coat.

Varnishing on Wooden Furniture

One of the stages of painting wooden furniture is applying varnish. However, this is not necessary. If you want the furniture to look more matte, you do not apply varnish after the painting process is completed. Or there is no need to use varnish in some types of paint. Be sure to find out when buying paint. Varnish and furniture

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